Canada's Clean Technology Voice

The global market for clean technology is now worth over $1 trillion per year. It will continue to grow.

Canada has the opportunity to be a true global leader. We can create good jobs for Canadians and achieve our climate goals.

The Canada Cleantech Alliance is here to help us seize that opportunity. Check out our Latest News.

Scaling Cleantech

We were founded by Canada's elite clean technology networks to break down barriers to cleantech acceleration.

Our network of over 200+ companies, accelerators and associations coordinates national action, drives regional coordination and supports Canadian cleantech globally.

How We Do It

1. Standards & Policy

We collaborate to optimize national, inter-provincial and voluntary standards and policies for clean technology.

2. Data & Analytics

We provide national cleantech data and analysis to anyone interested in Canadian clean technology.

3. Finance & Capital Markets

We're building on the ESG revolution to identify barriers and develop solutions to scaling cleantech investment.

On Now

We are now seeking companies for our 2020 Connect Challenge.

Are you outside Canada? Do you have an environmental challenge you need solved? Your company can work with us to define a challenge. A curated shortlist of entrepreneurs will pitch you their best solutions! Learn more and apply.

Help Canadians Invest in Cleantech Leadership.

Flow through shares are a proven way for entrepreneurs and investors to accelerate innovation. Learn more about how Canada Cleantech and our partners are paving the way for a cleaner future at

Member Powered

All initiatives depend on their stakeholders. We're no different. Canada Cleantech has a network of founding members: Ecotech Quebec, Foresight, ACTIA and OCTIA. It also has a broad array of networks in government, civil society, industry and academia. Join us.

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